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In East Gippsland, Hydraulink is your first point of contact for reliable hose and hydraulic services. We operate a 24/7, breakdown service with our fully equipped mobile van able to attend to your needs on site.

If you are involved in mining, agriculture, transport, forestry, the marine industry or any industry that needs fast, effective and reliable hose and hydraulic services - we can help you get the job done no matter how much pressure you’re under.
For hydraulic hose, hydraulic fittings, adaptors and accessories contact Cashman’s Engineering, the exclusive and authorised Hydraulink agent for East Gippsland..

Hydraulic hoses & fittings

Hydraulics operate at exceeding high pressure so require specialist hoses and fittings manufactured specifically for this a hydraulic application. This is an area where cheap look a likes and inferior quality will inevitably let you down.
When we work on your valuable equipment we know that you demand high performance and durable hydraulic hoses and fittings. We researched the market and determined that the Hydraulink brand is the one which best suits our market, our industry and our clients.

On site repairs

To provide the optimum level of customer support, we have a fully equipped, dedicated Hydraulink mobile service van to meet you on site and get you up and running in the shortest time possible.
Whether you have a hose failure in the middle of a paddock, alongside the wharf or on a civil construction site…. we will travel to meet you and get you working again, quickly.

Servicing & rebuilds

While our Hydraulink breakdown service vehicle is probably the most visible aspect of our hydraulic service, we are also kept very busy with routine hydraulic servicing and plant rebuilds.
Hydraulic systems are subject to wear and require routine maintenance. In time cylinders wear and seals can ultimately fail. Through regular maintenance and timely parts replacement, we can replace, repair and rebuild as the situation may dictate, and keep you at work.

Hoses & parts

At Cashman’s Engineering we maintain an excellent inventory of hydraulic hoses and parts. When you bring in a burst hose or need a hose made for a specific application, we have the hose and fittings in hand which allow us to make up new hoses right away.
Our extensive range of hydraulic fittings include hydraulic and industrial hoses, adaptors, ball valves, hose tails, kamlocks, brass fittings, hose clamps, steel pipes, swagers and many others. And in the unlikely event that we do not have the exact part that you need, we can source the part and have it express shipped to our Bairnsdale workshops.

Hydraulink hoses and fittings
On site repairs
Hoses and parts